Stylianos Lambrou – President & co-founder

Andria Lambrou- Director & Co-founder 

& teams of 40+ Industry experts across our brands

Siblings, Stylianos and Andria Lambrou, born and raised in Limassol, have started building their first companies at the age of 19 & 21 respectively. With the vision to create impactful brands and a rich portfolio of innovative businesses in Cyprus and across the region, the twο young entrepreneurs have built Heart Group. In the last decade, Heart Group has been diversifying in multiple business sectors including the fields of technology, hospitality, media, events and real estate.

One of their first companies was Heart Cyprus, a destination brand about their home country which grew to be the most recognized destination brand about Cyprus. Since 2015, they have been investing in the real estate market of Cyprus & Greece and have achieved great returns on investment. Currently, they have 14 properties in their portfolio and are in the process of renovating and constructing meaningful real estate projects.

In addition, they co-founded the largest future-casting festival in Cyprus and the surrounding region. With a focus on innovation and impact, Reflect festival is gathering thousands of participants who are eager to share knowledge about the most interesting insights that the future brings. Reflect covers the most intriguing aspects of our future including technology, society, business & entrepreneurship, sustainability, politics, money, health, and relationships.

Throughout the course of their business, they have been developing latest technology services and products, while at the same time they have been offering up-to-date solutions in the field of media and marketing. Heart Group has also been creating a series of carefully designed experiential events, providing quality entertainment to the local community.

In their portfolio, they have 2 technology companies. Technomart is the software market leader in Cyprus offering software and technology services to municipalities and local communities. Jarvify is building innovative technology products for the private sector. 

Giving back to the society is a core part of Heart Group’s DNA. During the past years, multiple CSR activations in the fields of education, health and sports have been organized, giving back to the community and its people.

Stylianos holds a Bachelors degree in Information Technology from UCL and a Post-graduate degree on Entrepreneurship from University of Cambridge.

Andria holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Management and Operations and a Masters degree in Strategic Management from Cass Business School.