A heart-centered group with a relentless desire to have positive impact and always envision ahead.


A diversified group with the mission to evolve as a leading and pioneer
group in the southeast Mediterranean

With its proudly adopted high quality standards, work ethics and principles, Heart Group adheres to everyday and strives to achieve a sound strategy for the coming years in all the fields of technology, real estate, hospitality, media and events. .

Heart hotels


Hotels designed to love and provide quality experiential accommodation for travel-savvy individuals

The first 2 Heart Hotels in Limassol and Athens are listed buildings preserving the characteristics, history and heritage of their iconic locations whilst at the same time add sprinkles of minimal design to uplift the buildings’ aura.

Opening in

The largest festival about the future between Europe and the Middle east

The largest festival about the future in Cyprus and the surrounding region. With a focus on innovation and impact, Reflect is gathering thousands of participants, eager to share knowledge about the most interesting insights that the future brings. Reflect covers the most intriguing aspects of our future including technology, society, business & entrepreneurship, sustainability, politics, money, health, and relationships.


Investing & Developing meaningful projects​

Heart Group is aiming to introduce meaningful projects with contemporary architecture to the inert property market, that would be established as landmarks in the modern architectural scene. We invest, and develop high-end residential and commercial projects mainly in Cyprus & Greece.

Heart Cyprus

We have created the most recognized destination brand about Cyprus

Since 2013, we have been showcasing Cyprus to the world. Until today, Heart Cyprus has created the biggest online community about Cyprus with over 400,000 followers on social media.


Technology-driven group with immense desire to continually create innovative Products & Services

Heart events

Creating precious moments through experiential events

We love to bring people together, shaping special experiences, getting inspired by the power of a moment.

Giving Back is in our DNA

Since 2013 Heart Group has been supporting Health, Education and Sports via powerful activations that positively impact our communities