We believe in the transformative power of giving back to our community. Our unwavering commitment to creating a positive impact drives us to actively participate in initiatives that foster well-being, promote entrepreneurship, education & culture.

How we create impact

REFLECT Festival

Reflect Festival is the largest technology & entrepreneurial platform in Cyprus contributing significantly to the growth of local ecosystem.  


Heart Group was one of the initiators and founding company member of one of the most impactful organisations in Cyprus with the aim to accelerate the growth of the tech ecosystem of the country.

Entrepeunership & Education

€100,000 + Worth sponsorships to students in Cyprus in partnership with multiple universities.


We are dedicated to implementing a sustainable approach in the design of our real estate projects. This commitment extends to embracing circular economy principles and reuse practices, including the restoration of abandoned and/or listed buildings.

Preserving our heritage

Restoring buildings with Historic architecture and building meaningful real estate projects.